Watching a Basketball Game 观看篮球比赛

Watching a Basketball Game 观看篮球比赛 扫二维码继续学习

Watching sports games live is more fun than Watching them on TV.


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Guess what!
I got a couple of tickets for tonight's basketball game!
Tickets for a basketball game?
You mean an NBA game?
Yeah! Do you want to join me?
Absolutely! I've always wanted to see an NBA game live.
I can't believe how many people are here.
How big is this arena?
I think it seats about 18,000 or so.
It's usually full, so we're lucky to get seats.
Yeah, and these are great seats, too.
Well, actually they're only so-so, but not bad for the money.
Are the best seats really expensive?
Yes, they're very expensive.
That's why I usually just watch the games on TV.
...I'm just glad to have the chance to see a game while I'm living here. 

  • Talk about the differences of watching sports games live and watching them on TV.
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