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Talk about how fast food influences the children’s health in Korea.



When I was an elementary school student,... parents used to take me and my sister to a fast food restaurant.
At that time, if I remember correctly, fast food was still fairly new in Korea.
The hamburger that I had for the first time in my life tasted really good.
It was different from anything that I had eaten before.
But I never knew how bad the food was for my health, either.
Today, fast food is very popular among young children.
Kids eating hamburgers, fried chicken or pizza with their parents...
...remind me of when I was their age.
The difference is, though, that I didn't get to have fast food as often as today's children do.
When I was growing up, having burgers and fries was like a special treat.
Sometimes, I wonder if that would still be the case with the kids these days.
I'm sure, to them, fast food is nothing different from rice and soup,... the sense that they eat fast food so often.
Many people express their concerns that kids in Korea are becoming obese.
No wonder!
The parents need to watch more closely what their children are eating.
It is true that taking them to a fast food restaurant is easier than cooking a meal,...
...but they should know that they are putting their children's health in danger, too.

  • Talk about how fast food influences the children’s health in Korea.
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