A Doctor's Life 医生的生活

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A general practitioner shares his daily routine.



We've all seen those doctor shows like Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs,...
...but what is it really like to be a doctor?
Today, I'm catching up with Dr. Tan, a local general practitioner,...
...to find out what the reality of being a doctor is really like.
Dr. Tan.
And so, as a GP, what's a typical day look like for you?
Yeah, so it starts off in the morning.
I come in, greet the staff, check my results,...
...and to see if there's any urgent results that need action straightaway.
And then I see the patients throughout the day,...
...and deal with any walk-ins or any emergencies as they come along.
And so, why did you wanna become a doctor?
I really wanted to help patients and help people,...
...and that's where I will find, being a doctor, you can help them the most.
What characteristics does someone need to be a doctor?
You need to be caring, show compassion,...
...be a really good people's person and work hard at what you're doing.
And so, from school to today, what does someone need to do to get to where you are?
You have to really work hard in high school,...
...do a bachelor's degree, do a postgraduate degree in medicine,...
...and then spend a few years in the hospital as an intern, as a resident.
And then you can apply to general practice,...
...do three more years of training, before you can sit your exams...
...and become a fully qualified GP.

  • A general practitioner shares his daily routine, his motivations and what it takes to be a doctor.
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