Wow Them With Your Presentation 用你的演讲赢得喝彩

Wow Them With Your Presentation 用你的演讲赢得喝彩 扫二维码继续学习

Grab your audiences' attention with a killer presentation.



The business presentation: one of the most important communication tools.
Without it, getting your big idea across is almost impossible.
The key part of any presentation is you, the presenter,...
...who should practice as much as possible.
This will allow you to perfect your technique...
...and avoid any shortcomings.
On the big day, remember, first impressions count.
Show you are focused,...
...and without fear.
Remember, technology is your friend.
The overhead projector, for example, should only be used to wedge open a door,...
...weigh down notes or silence an unruly audience member.
In the presentation itself, less is more.
Color and sound should be used, but not overused.
Employ graphics and video to enhance and inform,...
...but make sure it is relevant to the subject matter.
Additionally, don't forget ancillary support items such as concise and helpful handouts.
Try to resist the temptation to overcomplicate them.
And also, when stressing key points, never underestimate the power of a laser pointer...
...or even just a humble stick.
With all these helpful tips, you will be able to deliver a memorable and persuasive business presentation.
Just remember, be pithy and to the point.
Don't go on too long, as the overall effect may be diminished.

  • Grab your audiences' attention with a killer presentation.
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