Beating Up Your Competitors 痛击你的对手

Beating Up Your Competitors 痛击你的对手 扫二维码继续学习

Be an industry all-star with these business tips.



As a small business, sharing the field with big-league competitors can be intimidating.
Here are three tips to help ensure that your small business is an industry all-star...
...even among the giants.
One, be an information hub.
Be a one-stop shop for news and knowledge relevant to your industry.
Start a blog with tips and tricks for success...
...and share valuable info on Twitter, Facebook and in LinkedIn forums.
Share information offline by speaking at an industry event or conference.
Two, focus on the community.
Engage with a local community to build support for your small business.
Your business could provide free business advice,... volunteer work for a local charity or host a community event,... your small business a friendly, relatable face.
Three, be proactive about delivering great customer service.
Follow-up with customers to see how this product or service is working for them.
Make customer service easy to reach and allow customers to get in touch with you in multiple ways.
By phone, live chat, Twitter, Facebook or any other method that's relevant for your audience.

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